Delivery within the UK and Worldwide via Express Courier and Economy Services.

Parcel Warehouse is a Third Party Logistics company (or a 3PL company, as it’s commonly abbreviated). If you’re unfamiliar with the industry, it might not be obvious what this means. We provide an outsourced logistics service (where we use national and international delivery networks to do the final mile delivery), working alongside some of the biggest names in the business, including:

Royal Mail

By maintaining good relations with such an extensive list of delivery networks, we’re able to choose a service that’s exactly right for the purpose you have in mind. If you’re a smaller business looking to minimise costs while ensuring reliable and rapid postage domestically, then we’ll ensure that you have the systems and procedures in place to achieve that goal. If you’re looking to expand across national boundaries, on the other hand, we’ll work with the most experienced and reputable couriers, and help select a service that’s right for you.

By working with us as a 3PL to deliver your parcels through our chosen delivery networks, you will receive better service, faster delivery and lower delivery costs than by going direct.

We’ve been a part of the 3PL industry for more than six years, and during that time we’ve developed a deep understanding of the way that couriers operate. This understanding isn’t just a matter of learning the facts of the industry – we’ve got the experience necessary to identify all of those little details that’ll make the difference to your business. What happens when a package gets delayed with a Customs Authority? What happens when delivery fails? We’ve encountered all of these problems before, and we’ll be able to use this experience to shape your business’ logistics for the better.

Not are businesses are built the same, and neither are the solutions we provide. A bespoke 3PL service that’s matched to the needs of your business will yield far greater improvements to overall efficiency than a one-size-fits-all approach. And thus a bespoke solution is exactly the sort we endeavour to provide.

The (final mile) delivery is the most important part of the sale, don’t put this to chance. Our methodology is designed to enable almost 100% safe and secure delivery through any delivery network, where the industry average is 93%, can you afford to put 7% of your business to chance?

Our ethos is that delivery is at the heart of any business. While actually getting an item from one place to another might represent just a fraction of the sale’s total price, it’s a component without which the sale has no value at all. Who, after all, is going to pay for an item if they doubt that the item will arrive on time, or in one piece? According to the IMRG UK Consumer Home Delivery Review, the cost of failed delivery in the UK was around £800 million – an amount that should be reduced as a priority.

“The 2016 20th Annual Third Party Logistics Study by KornFerry showed that 70% of those who use logistics services (shippers) and 85% of 3PL providers said the use of 3PL services has contributed to overall logistics cost reductions, and 83% of shippers and 94% of 3PL providers said the use of 3PLs has contributed to improved customer service. The majority of both groups — 75% of shippers and 88% of 3PL providers — said 3PLs offer new and innovative ways to improve logistics effectiveness.”

High failure rates don’t just have a direct cost. They’ll also inflict lasting damage on the reputation of your business. Getting packages delivered reliably is the hallmark of any successful online retailer; if your customers and suppliers feel unable to rely on you, your business will assuredly suffer. With the right expertise directing you, this outcome can be guarded against.

By providing your customers with the confidence that comes with reliable logistics, you’ll be able to secure their loyalty, and their repeat custom. It’s far easier to keep hold of existing customers, after all, than it is to attract new ones – and by providing a reliable delivery service, you’ll be able to ensure precisely that!